April 29, 2017


So I posted a very random Facebook post on brands and what is important to people when it comes to their favorite brands. I never thought I'd get the response that I did. For those brands wanting REAL feedback and not developed in a focus group or manipulated survey -- here you go!!!

Ok -- I need your thoughts...a little informal survey. Think of brands that you really love -- detergent, stores, technology, automobiles, web sites. What are the three things that make you love them? You don't have to specify the brand unless you want to. I just want to know WHY you love them (examples include but not limited to: because you always have loved them, because they are affordable, dependable, you know a lot about them, you trust them, they give back to the community, you follow them on social media, etc.). Give me your quick thoughts and I will owe you big time!! xo Ron
Nancy Maudlin good quality, better than competition in taste, effectiveness etc., worth the money spent
James Bak Authenticity, progression, value (i.e. You get what you paid for)
Ron Roecker awesome --- what do you mean by progression/
James Bak Constantly improving, innovating, creating, advancing whatever it is that they do best. Audi is a brand that aspires to be progressive.
Kyle Keene Quality, top notch customer service, and they make my a$$ look gooood. (That last one is about the brand of jeans I love!)
Ron Roecker duh! xoxoxoxoxo
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Becca Stapleton Simplicity - T Mobile isn't living up to this right now even though I had big hopes 

Reliability - T Mobile isn't living up to this right now even though I had big hopes 
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Angela Christie Schroeder Longevity, superior quality, quality more important than sales, integrity, organic, amazing bosses and employees, environmentally aware, very giving and always helping others
Lori Lindsey-Clarkston It's what my mom used
Rob Accatino Truth. Consistency and quality
Anna Saunders Origins~ 
1. They find back into earth projects
2. They do not test on animals
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James Crabb I've thought about this a lot. Brands that align with certain values I identify with such as 'boutique', 'grassroots', technical excellence with low-tech simplicity, environmental consciousness, etc will win me over. Alos, brands often have gimmicks ...See More
Sam Michelson Best-in-class, passionate about their brand, consistent
Maureen Woods Trustworthy, great customer service & variety of products
Emily Scherberth Barnes 1) they give me an experience I can't get anywhere else, 2) they make me feel good, 3) consistency.
Mindy Stubenhofer Sherfy Convenience. Working full-time and being a mom, that's key.
Lindsay Kelterer Lefler I love Tide. It's not the most inexpensive brand, but it gets the clothes clean. I average 2 loads a day (more during sports) and it works.
Stacy Doughty La Cotera Exclusivity. Durability. Community
Ellyn Harris Trust them and they smell good. xx
David Stuewe Made in America 
Brings me satisfaction
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Kalee Kreider Apple. Products are beautiful and they feel so good to the touch.
Kristin Combs Easy to use, cost effective and Earth friendly
Ashley Lamb Ernst Smell, price, customer service, dependability, appearance and availability/convenience. And I miss the crap out of you!
Phil Jun Easy to use, excellent quality and trust the brand/company.
Nichole Hutton Colbert Smell good. Price. Variety
Amber Robillard McCord Apple. From my first computer in college to my current, the customer service (over the phone even) has always been excellent. On one of the many occasions my computer was stolen while living in ATL, when recovered by the police a year later I took it...See More
Cori Dodson Customer service, quality-you get what you pay for (plus), social conscious, and if it supposed to smell good, it does!
Barbara Gibbons Mohney Works well, environmentally friendly
Michael Williams Best quality, worth its price, attractive package design.
Stacee Clark Higgins I'm a sucker for a good fragrance!!
Michael Ferrera Hey! Comfort (use it a lot and trust), enjoy it, easy.
Ron Wescott Crown Royal. Reduces my stress.
Eatin a steak. Reduces my stress.
Marlboro. Reduces my stress. 
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Becca Stapleton Then someone sneaks in a Jim Beam on ya without a warning.....
Matt Basta It's all about customer service, value and social responsibility.
Sherrie Curry Jiffy creamy peanut butter. Because it's so yummy. Has always been my favorite. No other reason other than it tastes the best to me.
Jim Hurlbert Z-Gallerie! It's heaven walking in the store. I take 1) design inspiration from a simple pillow or table etc, and base an entire room on it. I feel 2) they're the leading edge of 3) affordable home design goods.
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Jill Stephens I love Jo Malone white jasmine and mint colognes and candles and I've been wearing since she annouced with a sample in Vogue.... it's clean lovely and unique. I love my car because it is safe and luxurious and fast I love Prada flats because they are dependable classic and last forever.... almost
Rachel S. Priest 1. Quality, eco friendly, responsible 
2. State of the art, trend setting or on the edge of research 
3. Affordable yet stylish and youthful
Craig Kabler Quality, customer service, eco friendly, 
Made in USA🇺🇸
Dawn Miles Cooper Customer Service, Quality Product, User Friendly and sometimes Just Because.
Kayla Dunn Nickel Reminds me of being a kid!
Gustavo Brunetti No Wonder Trump became president...
John S. Shore Meecedes-Benz because I feel safe in them.
Missy Callari Quality, suatainable reliability, superior customer service/support.
Chris Cheuvront Brand platform, maverick type brands, aesthetics (example--Cadillac connotes Palin-esque segment: BMW, Acura, Infiniti = quality, tasteful luxury, IMHO), quality, customer service, boutique vs. mainstream, value, not overpriced
Mindy Erickson Customer service is #1, and Nordstrom has nailed it. I hate to shop but love to update my wardrobe and Nordstrom provides a great website, the best physical retail space, and discount options for the single mom budget with Nordstrom Rack. My second fave is Target, bc Target is awesome.
Kate Critchett Ron, Lexus -product and cust service and when I want to open my windows my hands fall perfectly in place to the buttons...Gap kids -love their stuff and baby outfits are so soft and cute...LULU-their clothes wear like teflon, materials are great, might...See More
Nikki Clarke My husband can't use other brands
Kellie Carter Boles Sustainability in operation and packaging designed for sustainability
Daria Wagganer I'm loyal to brands that I know are good to their employees, are involved in giving back to their communities or charity, then probably quality/dependability. I want things to last!
Roy Rogers Oldenkamp Style, dependability, classicness.
Fleur Sarfaty Innovative, fresh, mind-expanding.
Sara Carter Quality, make me feel special, customer is always right!
Jeff Fiedler · Friends with Kalee Kreider
Petzl: climbing/outdoor gear that works dependably, sometimes innovative but never gimmicky; crystal clear user instructions and safety videos; phenomenal return policy.
Phyllis Brunner Progressive. They always have excellent customer service, I always know exactly what coverage we have and how much will be pulled from our account, and the website is easy to use. (also, they are affordable for a large family with a couple of tickets/accidents in the recent history.
Teri Gray Dependable
Debra Pivko This may because I'm a copywriter, but I love brands that have a personality, a voice that I can relate to - when they talk or type, it's someone I'd wanna hang out with  hope that helps! Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help!
Maggie Dahl I love pinterest, because it inspires my creativity, feeds my soul and makes me laugh. However, I also love Crown Royal, Marlboros and cows.