April 18, 2017

Well, HELLO, DOLLARS!! At 71, 'Hello, Dolly's" Star Bette Midler is Broadway's "Divine Miss M(illions)!"

Bette Midler is 71 years old. I know. Two years ago she did an interview with a British tabloid during which she said she probably was at the end of her career as an amazing live performer.
She’s not making hit movies or hit records anymore. She did Vegas for two years starting in 2008 to sell-out crowds but is there really an audience out there for one of the greatest live entertainers of our generation (actually of a couple of generations) today? I mean, she’s SEVENTY-ONE YEARS OLD.
Well, as the Divine Miss M might say, “Go F*** yourself, fellas, you can call me the Divine Miss MILLIONS!”
On the eve of its first preview performance, Bette’s revival of Hello, Dolly! on Broadway had racked up a $40 million advance, even more than HAMILTON when it started, bitches!!

In its first week, the show grossed an incredible $1.4 million off just five performances—FIVE. Oh, and the show has an average ticket price of $196. Those are the kind of dollar figures that Broadway producers only dream of and there is so much wind beneath Dolly’s wings that ticket sales already have helped kick The Book Of Mormon's out as the fifth highest-grossing show.

Co-starring David Hyde Pierce, you can’t get a ticket to the show for MONTHS—meaning you’ll absolutely have to see this show From a Distance. Eh hem!

Did I mention you can purchase the best seats in the house to see the Divine Miss D for a mere $748? Each.

So, Miss Midler, I do believe you are STILL the People’s Diva and continue to be no matter what age.

Here’s to you, Divine Miss M:
Oh, Hello, Diva, well, hello Diva
It’s so nice to have you back where you belong
You’re looking swell, Midler, I can tell, Midler
You’re still glowin’, you’re still crowin’, you’re still growin’ strong
Miss M don’t ever go away, Dolly don’t you ever, ever go away
Miss M don’t you ever go away again!