March 9, 2017

Why 1984 is the Most Important Year in Pop Culture!

Pop culture history has spanned a couple of decades now if not more. But there’s one year that helped define music, movies, icons and more for generations! 1984 is the year that helped define modern pop culture history. Look what happened:

·         Michael Jackson’s “Pepsi” Commercial debuts (and so does his hair…on fire!)

·         Madonna performs “Like a Virgin” live on MTV

·         The Indiana Jones billion dollar franchise cements itself with “Temple of Doom”

·         An enduring female punk rocker first declares “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”

·         WHAM! Declares “Wake me up before you go, go!”

·         Prince debuts in “Purple Rain”

·         Kevin Bacon stars in “Footloose”

·         Everyone answers “Who Ya Gonna Call?” as “Ghostbusters” is the year’s top-grossing film

·         Frankie Goes to Hollywood tells the music and fashion worlds to “Relax”

·         Apple launches the first Mac computer

·         Wendy’s asks “Where’s the Beef?”

·         Space Shuttle “Discovery” makes its maiden voyage

·         Sony and Philips introduce the first CD players

·         Cheers & Family Ties are tops as The Cosby Show debuts

·         George Orwell also thought “1984” was gonna be a HUGE year!

What meant the most to you??!!