March 20, 2017


Here are the records already set by Disney's live-action remake of the hit animated film/Broadway musical of the same name "Beauty And The Beast" (so far):

The best opening ever for: Emma Watson (lest we forget how big of a deal this is since she starred in those little Harry Potter films...), director Bill Condon, pre-summer, March, a Disney live-action canon title, a live-action musical, and the sixth biggest opening stateside of all-time, standing above Iron Man 3 ($174.1M) and just under Captain America: Civil War ($179.1M).  You go, girl and grrrrrrr!

Now let's talk about live-action movie musicals (as opposed to animated musicals such as "The Lion King" or "Frozen"). The lifetime gross of the highest-grossing movie musical of all time is 1978's "Grease" ($188 million). The other top movie musicals domestically are Oscar-winner "Chicago" ($170.6 million), "La La Land" ($149 million), "Les Miserables" ($148 million) and "Mamma Mia!" ($144 million). Clearly, "Beast" will be boss of the movie musicals by the end of the week!

There was SOME hub-bub about the fact the director Bill Condon made hunky Gaston's loveable sidekick La Fou (played by Josh Gad) gay!  Russia denounced the film because of it! Didn't seem to matter to the slew of families from both red and blue states that flocked to see the adaptation. (Now, I wonder if anyone realizes hottie Luke Evans who plays Gaston is an openly gay actor!?!)

Well-done to everyone at on the lookout for live-action remakes of "The Lion King," "The Little Mermaid" and "Mulan" name a few...