February 8, 2017


When I watched the Super Bowl Half-Time show during which Lady Gaga sang everything LIVE and had no "guest appearances" to make her show more fabulous, I noticed that her incredible body looked a little, well, normal, on TV. Then I saw all the haters that talked about how fat and flabby and unflattering her body was. Are you f****ing kidding me?! Anyone who moves as much as she did during her performance is going to have MOVEMENT and if she didn't have MOVEMENT then she would have been too anorexic to show our daughters. So, I ask, nay challenge, any of the haters who pointed out how "out of shape Lady Gaga was during the Super Bowl" to now post pictures of themselves on all social media platforms without their shirts and in tiny shorts...dancing around their living room...and let's see exactly who should be judging whom! :) #ladygagarocks