July 17, 2015


Have you ever worked on something for 15 years -- not because someone was asking you to do it or paying you to do it -- but because you felt there just might be something worthwhile to share with the world?  Thus is the case with a series of books for kids of all ages that I've been developing and fine-tuning for the past 15 years. These six books -- all are inspired by idioms and adages (ex "that's just the way the ball bounces," etc) -- and are a part of a series called "Six of One Half Doz of the Other."  I've decided that it's now or never to see if there really is something worthwhile to share with the world. 

The goal of the series is important to our world today:  to help reconnect young and old ... to be that thing to which everyone can relate; that catalyst that can cause children and parents and grandparents to sit together and take a journey together...without a Tweet or a post or a like or an on/off switch anywhere to be seen.  But I need your help to make it happen.

I've been studying and participating in Webinars and symposiums about self-publishing and marketing children's books for the past year.  I know what it will take to make a splash, I know the formats, the channels so I believe I can be successful once they all are completely finished.  But I need your help to make it happen!  I need to hire an illustrator for the 2 books that are in their final form, I need to finish the third one, have it illustrated and then start publishing the books and getting them on Amazon.com.

I know the economy sucks right now and if I didn't truly believe our world needs a little more face-to-face, eye-to-eye QT, I wouldn't be asking you for a thing!  But I am passionate that we need to reconnect.  With stories about a Ball that can't find his bounce, an Inch worm who sees a different world thanks to a shoe stuck in the mud, an ant and Black Widow who are best friends and super heroes, a set of skateboarding twin squirrels who are supposed to be gathering acorns with everyone else but instead find something much more priceless,etc., there's something for everyone. 

If you can't contribute money at this time, but still want to help, let people know about the campaign in your own personal networks. That type of support is priceless.

I've attached a link to a video that quickly explains the campaign, and showcases the first book in the series, "If You See Ball in a Tree" so you can get a flavor for the series and my writing.  I would love your feedback, and I can't thank you enough for anything you might be able to do.

Big hugs,