May 13, 2015

As the remix of Madonna's latest single "Ghost Town" moves 6 to 3 on Billboard Dance Charts She is Poised to Make Chart History Once Again Next Week

When the Queen of Pop's first single from her Rebel Heart album "Living for Love" reached #1 on Billboard Dance charts, it became her 44th #1 song on that chart.  Reaching that pinnacle tied her with the King of Country George Strait for the most #1s on a single Billboard chart of any other artist in any genre in history.

As the remix from her latest hit "Ghost Town" earns Greatest Gainer accolades moving from #6 to #3 on Billboard Dance charts, Madonna is poised to be sole heir of the most #1s on a single Billboard Chart -- with 45 #1s then she'll surpass the King of Country and own that record all to herself.

Congratulations, Madonna.  All Hail the Queen of Pop again.