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October 25, 2014

45 Things I've Learned about Life After Living Life 45 Years

45 Things I’ve Learned about Life After Living 45 Years by
Ron W Roecker
(In no particular order)

1)    If it feels weird it is weird.
2)    The key to success in life is how you handle it.
3)    When you are feeling grateful, you can’t feel anything but.
4)    You can choose one of 2 ways to approach arguments:  to win or to create peace/harmony.
5)    Nothing changes if nothing changes
6)    Life is too important to be taken seriously
7)    Getting bullied really sucks
8)    One day I had no gray and then next day I was my father.
9)    So irritating but adults were right on just about EVERYTHING!
10)     Life doesn’t get easier.
11)    I absolutely hate absolutes.
12)    Money is important.
13)    Music is even more important.
14)    I like witty way better than funny.
15)    Passive aggressive people should be punched…by someone else.
16)    Bitching about how dramatic everything in your life is while giddiness overcomes you probably could stand a little looksy…
17)    No one thinks about us as much as we think they think about us.
18)    Loyalty has been an evolving definition.  Friendship has not.
19)    Parents actually are people.  (I know…so weird…)
20)    Therapy is a game changer.
21)    Vitamin D.
22)     Humor makes everything better. EVERYTHING.
23)    There are truly evil people in this world.
24)    Angels come in all forms
25)    Every time I see someone crying because someone they loved died, I cry, even if I don't know either one.
26)    We should send each other more flowers and cards.
27)    When I owe people money, no one forgets but when people owe me money, no one remembers.
28)    Nothing is a done deal.
29)    Getting thanked can never be the motivation for being nice.
30)    Always say hello and thank you to as many people you can each day.
31)    If you have it, give money to anyone who needs it.
32)    If you loan money to friends just consider it a write off from the beginning.
33)    Understand your body.
34)    I can decide whether I am going to be a bitch or not.
35)    No one is as happy or together as their Facebook suggests.
36)    Candy Crush invites should be illegal.
37)    I love everything about going to the movies.
38)    I want to walk down a street and see a mural that I painted…
39)    It’s never too late to live up to your potential.
40)    Phrases that are…not so much with…”because that’s the way we’ve always done it,” “we don’t want to rock the boat,” “you are emotional,” “I’m sorry you’re upset (the person saying it did the thing that made you upset),” “I know I said I would but I didn’t…” (Bonus:  “Can I ask you a question?”)
41)    I miss my grandma and my dad every day.
42)    I am such a dog person…cats are BITCHES!
43)    Family is so important even when they make you NUTS.
44)     Being 45, single, and gay in Los Angeles…I’m like the Crypt Keeper
45)     I wouldn’t want to be 23 or 33 again if you paid me (36…maybe!)