April 3, 2014

Composer Stephen Schwarts (Wicked, Pippin) Recently Said "Wicked" the Movie is starting to move forward so Here is How I Would Cast Wicked the Musical as a Movie!

As I've been thinking about who should be cast in Wicked the Movie of the Musical, I've come up with the person that I think would be the best in the role and be able to make something of it in the new movie version -- without taking too  much away from what the millions and millions of people who have seen Wicked over the past 10 years have come to know and love.  These are my picks of the perfect talents with the perfect role (I did not cast for blockbuster dollars -- no Hugh Jackman, no Anne Hathaway, no Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman ...no Tom Cruise...)

Dr.  Dillamond (the half man/half goat teacher who is a mentor to Elphaba): Neil Patrick Harris

Madame Maurible (the coat-tail coasting, propaganda-spewing #2 to the Wizard who goes from mentor to maniac over the course of the show): Bette Midler (nuff said)

The Wizard: James Marsden (did you see Enchanted?  One of the most underappreciated talents in Hollywood for a long time,  Marsden can play shallow with hints of backstory without saying a word.  And he has an amazing singing voice (and can dance).  Perfect for the Wizard hiding behind the curtain.

Bok:  Glee breakout star Darren Criss -- perfect combo of nerdy, goofy and bitter -- with an incredible voice in a part that (he should be so grateful) doesn't ask a lot of dancing-- since he can't dance ...however, acting and singing would be amazing...and he's short...

Nessa (Elphaba's wheelchair-bound sister): Amy Adams (I love her so much -- if you saw her in Enchanted then you learned she has a lovely singing voice.  I would have put her up for Galinda but her voice isn't strong enough to handle the acrobatics that have to occur (hard to try and match Ms. Chenoweth's indelible work and vocal fireworks)...I think she also would bring an incredibly subtle but powerful edge to the bitter Nessa...fabulous!

Fiyero: Jeremy Jordan (over the 14 times I've seen Wicked on Broadway or in LA, Fiyero has always been the crap shoot as far as finding someone who is a true triple threat: singer, actor, dancer (all have to be on par or the character gets lost in the Galinda/Elphaba tornado); Jeremy (who recently appeared in Smash and was nominated for a Tony for his lead role in the mega hit NEWSIES) is cocky, and he can sing, dance and act circles around most of the men in his class (Jonathan Groff can't dance and I think he's hit or miss as far as dramatic acting goes, sorry fans!).

Galinda: Kristen Bell (Bell proved she has the singing chops and comedic timing -- as well as dramatic nuance to play the evolution of Galinda to Glinda -- with her massive performance as the very spunky and very singing-heavy lead "Ana" in that little movie called FROZEN)

Elphaba: She's definitely been on the short list of actual considerations but I really think she should be the one -- this role demands someone who can blow the roof off the place while being able to show the subtle changes that happen when someone lives their life and never gets a break, never gets accepted...I don't know who else could be all those things other than Glee's Lea Michele.

what do you think?