October 14, 2013

Here is Googles Top 10 Trending Adult Halloween Costumes for 2013. If you haven't picked one yet, you better get twerked!

The Top 10 is based on the people/things/characters that have been Googled the most as they relate to Halloween costumes this fall.  How good is your Pop Culture prowess? And as Margaret Cho once said, "Halloween is an excuse for men to dress like women and women to dress like sluts!"  However, this year, neither drag nor slutty nurse has made the top 10...

Miley Cyrus/Creepy Teddy Bears

Walter White/Breaking Bad

Daft Punk

Minions, Despicable Me

A Fox (and if you don't know this one then you're one out of 122 million people who hasn't seen this...

The Great Gatsby

Game of Thrones

Batman (thanks to all the controversy surrounding Ben Affleck as the newest Dark Knight!)

Duck Dynasty 

Here are two costumes that don't have to be GOOGLED...every homo in the world has considered at least one these costumes this year -- EVERY ONE 'EM.  Believe it!!