August 12, 2013


I've heard both of the much anticipated first singles from Lady Gaga ("Applause") and Katy Perry ("Roar") from their upcoming albums (Artpop and Prism, respectively).  It's very evident here when listening to these two that Gaga wants to tell us something that she thinks we (or at least her little monsters (so yesterday)) want to hear or even care about really (wow, she loves applause...shocking).  And Katy?  She's got something to SHOW us -- to PROVE to us -- Despite the fact that Perry is the only female artist in history to have 5 singles from one album go to #1 (she actually tied Michael Jackson's long-standing record), many think of her as a one-note wonder.  But with the series of short videos she's put out lately where she basically is burning or blowing up anything having to do with teenage dreams, cotton candy or blue hair, she's telling everyone -- look out because that was then and I'm now and I'm gonna ROAR!

I listened to both of them for the firs time today and let me tell you Perry's "Roar" has been on REPEAT -- ALL DAMN DAY.  I listened to Gaga's "Applause" (which she released a week early "due to internet leaks") once and then I was ready to hear something else...i would have settled for something from Born this Way, actually.  Mind you, when I reviewed Perry's "Teenage Dream," I said it was one of the best pop albums ever made...and perhaps she's ready to show us that was nothin'!

Listen to Gaga here:

You can find Katy's single available for sale right now on iTunes. Check them both out and then let me know what you think.  I believe Gaga has hit the spread-too-thin so everything she creates is half-arsed, not unlike  those times when the multi-tasking Madonna disappointed with thrown together fare such as "American Life" and "MDNA."

Gaga's gonna have a hard time getting a big hit outta this one.  Katy, perhaps you'll be able to show us that you're not a one-history-making-machine wonder and even beat yours and MJ's record ...I hope she does it with gusto!  Gaga?  eh...