April 21, 2013

Oh, Reese, this One's Gonna Hurt, I'm Afraid

Well, I'm sure everyone has heard the news about America's sweetheart and Oscar Winner Reese Witherspoon and hubby being arrested -- he for DUI and she for disorderly conduct to an officer.  It's this type of behavior that doesn't sit very well at all with the American public -- especially with someone as squeaky clean and loved as Reese -- but she's loved because she's squeaky clean..."is this the real Reese? Have we fallen for the b.s. all along?"  With cynicism rearing its ugly head as often as a Kardhasbeen sister reality program, Reese and team will be working overtime to fix what will be a signifcant hit to her reputation and fan support (and let's be honest...her last hit was when? probably the last time Jennifer Aniston had a hit, oh, wait...) -- and wait until her husband is the one who actually gets all the blame (whether deservedly so or not, mind you) for "turning her into a foul-mouthed drunk."  Be ready for both Reese and her husband to announce stress and alcohol abuse counseling because of the incident and probably a big donation to MADD (like clockwork) ...oy vey.  Full Story from the Wrap below...