April 3, 2013

New Single from One of My Favorite Human Beings Singer/Songwriter/Artist/Performer and it's FREE FOR YOU to Enjoy and Share

I've been the unofficial President of Kat Parson's Fan club ever since I first met her in Hawaii during my first Annual Trustees meeting with The Recording Academy more than 10 years ago. I fell in love with the Kat and then was blown away by the Kat-the-Musician-Singer-Songwriter-Performer-Observer-Translater-of-Life-Into-Song. She has allowed me to send her new single FOR FREE to everyone -- so do me a favor..listen to it once all the way through and then listen to it again...what seems simple on the surface is very close to a masterpiece. (Oh, yes, she also was chosen Best Female Artist at this year's International Acoustic Music Awards)

I just got a NEW song from Kat Parsons for FREE! I think it's a complex, insightful and powerful song within many layers.! You can get it for FREE here: http://KatParsonsMusic.com/

Kat's debut album "No Will Power" is one of my favorite albums of all time (truly). Check out "Miss Me," "We Deserve More," "I Know It's Time,""Remains" and my absolute favorites "Go Find Her," and "To Return to You."