March 20, 2013

From Ted Danson: "I'll Buy the Next Round"

Mr. Danson, who came to super stardom as Sam, the womanizing smart-arsed bar owner of Cheers for 11 years, just re-upped his contract with the long-running, ratings-hogging drama CSI.  For the next two years, this TV veteran will be making an estimated $300,000 per episode x 24 episodes x 2 years (yes the contract is worth almost $14.5 million which is not too shabby considering it's about 30 weeks of work).

If you don't think that number is that big of deal by today's standards when the likes of Charlie Sheen are making $500,000-$750,000 per episode, let us not forget that Cheers was one of the highest rated comedies in history and lasted for 11 years -- the syndication saturation globally is about 100% (which means basically every country in the world is still airing Cheers) so the residuals of that my very specific calculations.... we're talking millions and millions and millions of dollars he earns for working 30 weeks.  So glad to see that really rich people in America are not only standing solidly on their Prada-covered feet but they actually can't see their Prada-covered feet as they skip gayly through a bunch of piles of money.

SIDEBAR (but equally appalling):  Did you know The View -- yes, the bicker fest from Barbara Walters has been on the air for more than 16 years??!!!!!  W-T-f.....