February 24, 2013

My Friend Amy Grant Announces First Album of All New Material in 10 Years May 7, 2013; Find out what she told me about the album...

I talked to Amy about the new album when she was just getting back into the studio and 
had layed down 3-4 songs.  "I don't know, Ron, something about this album...it has an 
amazing energy around it.  We'll see if anyone likes it when it's all done. 
'cause you just never know!!"  (I think we can find SOMETHING to like on it, don't you?!)

Amy Appeared on "Katie" with Katie Couric to talk about Long-term Care Insurance
after losing both her mother and her father to dementia.
This is one of my favorite pics of Vince & Amy.  I've never been in a packed room where when two people make eye contact they might as well be the only ones there...I hope Vince didn't get upset....