December 6, 2012


I thought it a bit of an odd choice that the Academy would take the Noms Announcement TV show, which since its inception has drawn practically single digit viewership numbers, to Nashville.  Yes, I understand they always are trying to show how much they value the country community (wink) but I would think NY would be the one you'd want to throw a bone to with the noms announcement since the telecast has been in LA for the past 10 years consecutively (last time the telecast was in NY it was my very first Grammy Show in 2002 (this February will be the 11th consecutive year the show has stayed in LA)). But after seeing the Grammy nominations, it begins to make sense which then begins to make no sense at all -- Make no mistake, the Grammy nominations are all about pop/Americana, rock, hip hop oh, sorry...this year's nominations are all about MEN, and men in pop/Americana, men in rock, men in hip hop.   The losers are country (across the board, male and female) and female musicians across the board.

Let me just spotlight a couple of things just by using the Big 4 as an exaample (Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Recording of the Year and Best New Artist):

Of the 5 Album of the Year Category Nominees there is ZERO country.  There are 42 men nominated (producers and engineers also get a nomination along with the artist) and 1 woman (Janelle Monae, featured artist for FUN).

Of the 5 Record of the Year Nominees (Country= ZERO despite the presence of Ms. Taylor Swift.  "We are Never Ever Getting Back Together" ain't country.  This award is a performance category that goes to the artist and producer and let me remind you that this track was her most pop/dance track to date without a single hint of twang).  The number of men nominated: 29.  The number of women: 3

Song of the Year Nominees (Country=ZERO) this goes only to the songwriter and the artist doesn't get a nomination unless he/she had a hand in writing the song.
Men nominated:  11  Women nominated: 2

Best New Artist (Country:  one (Hunter Hayes)
Men nominated:  9  Women nominated:  2

Out of 20 nominations, Country received ONE.
Total Number of Men Nominated: 86
Total Number of Women: 7

The ratio of nominated men vs. nominated women is more than 12:1.