October 2, 2012

The Two Things I Love to Do for Myself, by Myself that Most People Hate to Even Talk About Let Alone Do

There are two activities that I love to do by myself and for myself because I have found that both provide me what I really, really need in today's bustling world: immediate gratification.  I mean so few things in this bustling world offer the kind of immediate pay-off as do these two activities which I find so much satisfaction in doing by myself and for myself.

Some people may be appalled by these activities and some would rather just turn a blind eye to how dirty they are but for me they offer such euphoria for the amount of effort that go into them.  I guess it all started when I was a kid after discovering them and going through my own personal exploration with each.  I don't think I really understood the value of them until I consciously admitted to myself that I did them for selfish reasons and that there was nothing wrong getting so much pleasure from them.

The dirtiness of the activities is 1) all relative and 2) part of the huge pay-off, you know?  I can sense many of you cringing as you read this but I also can sense many of you nodding in agreement and getting a little flushed just thinking about the next time you'll be able to take care of things.  Well, to the nodders I say with much conviction, "It doesn't matter how many times a day you partake, as long as they aren't interferring with daily life, so partake and partake with gusto!

Now on the logistics side, having the right tools is imperative because sometimes you might not want to pay for the more expensive device or session but let me tell you this ....once it's all said and you're done...you are going to be so much more satisfied if you invest at the beginning.  Obviously one of the outlets is driven by suction and the other by how you rub things. Duh.  And here's such good advice --sometimes you don't have time to do each thing for as long as you know you want it to last.  Sometimes you'll only have time for a quickie but trust me when I tell you it will be those times that you will either be paralyzed by the desire because you have no outlet or energized because you can take things from zero to 60 in no time flat.  You just have to change your focus, take some short cuts and really be dedicated to crossing that finish line before the next race of life starts.

If you like to have your alone time doing these I think that's ok but just remember if more people were comfortable talking about this or even leading by example maybe this world would be happier and more fulfilled.  Just sayin.

Look I'm just going to say it -- I've already done one twice and the other one once today and i feel amazing. I don't care who knows.  Come see for yourself how I do each again and again without ever getting tired or bored.  Hard to argue something that gives you the same consistent outcome every time you partake.  And you know how I'm going to finish this, don't you?  Yes, the ultimate climax comes when the best of both activities collide in that brief moment as you vacum the floormats of your newly cleaned auto.  Nirvana.