September 10, 2012

The First Time I Met Lisa Marie Presley...

...I was VP of Comms at the GRAMMYs and one of our Chapters was honoring Lisa.  I would be her escort for the evening and protector as we walked the media red carpet that absolutely became an explosion of fireworks as soon as the reporters, producers, camera people and photographers saw the first hint of her foot as she started to get out of the luxury SUV we had sent to pick her up.  We immediately were introduced and I couldn't help but notice half of her face was being covered by a very snazzy fedora hat -- within minutes of experiencing with her what she has endured her entire life, I realized she needed whatever protection she could arm herself with to face the fierceness with which media approached her. It wasn't until about half way down after she'd done about 8-10 interviews that I realized she was clutching my arm -- I probably appeared to some as more her date than the PR pimp that I was! Nonetheless, as we talked, as she generously gave interviews, then would softly ask me another question about the evening's proceedings, I suddenly found myself wanting to protect this woman -- the woman who was the only child of the World's King of Rock and Roll.  There were two instances when I felt her grip loosening on my arm that, like a lioness who immediately noticed one of her babies starting to lose grip, I instinctively practically scolded her for almost letting go and immediately clamped her hand back on my arm.  Now that I actually write this out loud I'm really shocked her manager wasn't like, "SECURITY!"

We had this picture taken at the end of the red carpet before I took her to her table and she whispered, "I'm glad we match."  Of course I was absolutely beside myself because I was just thinking the same thing...

I took her to her table and we hugged -- which I didn't peg her for a hugger.  She just said, "Thanks" but it was in that way that someone who really knows you might say simply "thanks" but you understand all that was really being said beyond just the word, you know?

Three days later I was given an envelope that had dark green lettering embossed on it "Lisa Marie Presley."  I tore it open and was shocked again with the handwritten note that I'd been given by Lisa who just wanted to tell me how nice it was to have met and how much she truly appreciated that I let her hold on to my arm.

With the hundreds of artists that I've worked with over the past 20 years, I've only received two hand written notes: this one from Lisa Marie Presley and the other from Mariah Carey.  That's class on a whole different level indeed.

So recounting this story makes me even more proud to be working with Lisa again during a time when she's finally getting the accolades that she so rightly deserves -- as a musician, as a kind soul and as the only heir to our Rock n Roll Royal Family Thrown.  It's a real honor.