August 30, 2012

Snooki, here's the Situation: Milk Your Last Season because it's hard to get a waitressing job in Jersey right now

Yes, it's true lovers of giant hair, giant accessories and Jersey Junk in the Trunk for days -- Jersey Shore will take a final bow at the end of its upcoming season.  The Jersey Tourism Board should be freaking out!!  But don't worry, i'm sure we'll be hearing about the next fab city of muffin tops, spray tanned pecs and tons of public vomiting.  Do I hear "Wichita" winding up its 15 minute clock or Atlantic City?  Can't wait until the last show when they gang all "celebrates" and at the end of the night their car service, credit cards and house have all been cut off...bless their hearts...

PS.  So surprised more of these future leaders haven't had children during the show's run, aren't you?