June 25, 2012

One of My Fave Actors Maura Tierney is Joining Her Former "ER" Cast Mate Julianna Margulies in Recurring "Good Wife" Role

I have to say there are very few actors who aren't super stars but definitely recognizable that I will see anything they are in.  However, one of those few is Maura Tierney.  From the first time I saw her in "Liar, Liar" she had me -- smart, naturally gorgeous -- and is so natural on camera you almost wonder if they didn't just let her say whatever the real Maura wanted to say or do. 

After a successful battle with breast cancer, my fave is reuniting with the woman she was hired to replace on ER more than 10 years ago (can you believe Maura joined in Season 6 when Margulies was leaving and ended up staying for 9 more years???!!!).Tierney will recur on the praised CBS drama The Good Wife as a self-made millionaire who has become the doyenne of Chicago Democratic politics.

Tierney joined NBC’s long-running medical drama ER one-third of the way into Season 6, with her character Nurse Abby Lockhart introduced to fill the void of the pending departure of Margulies’ Nurse Carol Hathaway. Margulies, ER‘s original female lead, left the series at the end of that season, while Tierney’s character quickly became a central one during the second half of ER‘s run and earned Tierney an Emmy nomination.