May 7, 2012

Dear Courtney Love: Double Check the Owner of the Twitter Account If You're Going to Tweet Death Threats

 Listen, Courtney brings me as much entertainment today as she did when I had to keep reminding her that she wasn't wearing underwear whilst she rolled around on the floor in the GRAMMY Media Center --  why was i talking to her?  She forgot Frances Bean (now 19 and gorgeous) was with her at the show at some point but she couldn't remember where she left her. So I had to send one of my co-workers to find -- and then babysit (she was 12 at the time, Courtney was 6) sweet Frances.  Then as soon as Love hopped up on the counter I was like "I'm out."  Anywho, so Frances supposedly is "dating" Dave Grohl who is the devil to Ms. Love. Ms. Love last week decides to come to the rescue of her 19 year-old darling via Twitter and sends 15 Tweets to @davegrohl about how he is "an old perv macking on Kurt Cobain's little girl."  She also sorta threatens his life... That being said, my advice to anyone who wants to be a responsible parent -- ya may want to double check the owner of an account before threatening bodily harm.  Just ask the German IT guy (@davegrohl) on Twitter...

FYI:  Frances has last laugh as she now is in full control of her father's estate, licensing, publicity rights, etc and Mummy Pantyless doesn't get a dime from any of it until she pays back a teeny weeny little $2.5 million loan she borrowed from the estate whilst being the executor.  Frances Bean: we love you.  Courtney:  you'll always be in the Hole won't you, darling?