April 18, 2012

I Once Was Sued by Dick Clark, May He Rest in Peace

My first experience with Dick Clark The Icon was, of course, through "American Bandstand."  Captain & Tennille, Madonna, Donna Summer, Andy Gibb, Cher...ah, American Bandstand (theme song written by Barry Manilow, as you probably know).  As I got older (and Mr. Clark stayed effervescent), he added the American Music Awards to his production company (and although the award itself meant nothing, I still watched every year) and finally Mr. Clark added New Year's Rockin' Eve and my mind was set on associating Dick "The Immortal Teenager" Clark with Pop Music for the rest of my life.

UNTIL..whilst working for The Recording Academy/GRAMMY Awards, I was driving into work one day listening to Ryan Seacrest (who was just about ready to head over to KIIS-FM (from Star 98.7 with my friend Lisa Foxx) to replace the fossil that was/is Rick Dees of "Disco Duck" fame and then onto this new little show that no one really thought would make it called 'American Idol' but I digress)...one day listening to Ryan Seacrest, he announced breaking news that Mr. Dick Clark (loved by gabajillions of people across nations) was suing the Recording Academy for allegedly preventing artists from performing on American Music Awards if they wanted to perform on the GRAMMYs.  Now, it was a very public situation that went nowhere legally and was a publicity stunt of the finest affairs by Mr. Clark.  But for a moment, we had become the bastards that for some not-clear-at-all reason had somehow although not actually at all hurt everyone's Pop Culture son, brother, big uncle. (FYI, they eventually moved the AMAs six months further away from the GRAMMY Awards as not to cause confusion between the two shows LOL).

Anywho, life comes full circle and I wanted to tip my hat to the man who brought so much music to the world for almost 60 years, and salute the sassy side of the feisty legend that perhaps not many of his fans ever could imagine was part of his make-up.  Here's to you Mr. Clark who has gone to the great Bandstand in the Sky.  Suit Stunt or not, you are admired and loved.

The Recording Academy® Statement on Dick Clark
April 18, 2012

"Recording Academy Trustees Award recipient Dick Clark was an entertainment icon, bringing music into the homes of millions of Americans over his nearly 60-year career. His shows "American Bandstand" and "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve" blazed new trails in pop music and became pivotal celebrations of music on television, spotlighting both established and emerging artists. Our deepest heartfelt sympathies go out to his family, friends, fans, and all who have enjoyed his great contributions to music and entertainment. He will be terribly missed, and his legacy will live on forever."