March 6, 2012

If You Don't Know My Friend Kat Parsons You've Missed Out on An Amazing & Talented Human so Quit Stalling!

I met Kat Parsons more than a decade ago and for me it's been the perfect love affair -- she makes me laugh, she sings me songs, she cuts my heart out with her lyrics then makes my own toes tap all over it before she puts it gently back and helps me heal to be stronger.  She had me at "No Will Power" which was the first of her CDs I ever heard and when I say it ranks among my top CDs of all times that is no exaggeration.  All you have to do is listen to one track on the album and you're hooked for life ("Go Find Her").  AND TODAY SHE HAS NEW MUSIC OUT!!!  Woo too!!  Always the incredible envelope pusher she is releasing three different yet relevant to the next Eps.  Her first (out today and I've given you links where to find it) "Talk To Me" has 5 really amazing songs on it -- and for a limited time she'll give you the title track for free if you sign up for her mailing list at  I talked to her today and she said "Talk to me is about the moment in a relationship when your partner goes silent, and all you want is to understand what is happening. Because you know there is something happening." The next EP is all fun and dance music and then the final in the trilogy is raw, stripped and all about her amazing voice. Please check her out and support this incredibly talented musician and this incredible human beings.  She's truly one of my favorites!!  Kat, see you on the 7thxo OOOMWAH!