March 2, 2012

The First Time Ever I Saw the Legendary Roberta Flack Face-to-Face

I've had the great fortune over a 20-year career to meet some of the most well known musicians in the world (Madonna, Lady Gaga, Bono, Beyonce). some of the most inspiring (Melissa Etheridge, Amy Grant), some of the most soon to be well known (Tina Malia, Kat Parsons), the hardest working (Sara Bareilles, Jason Mraz), the absolute wittiest and most self-deprecating (Mariah, Michael Buble, Celine), the most virtuoso (Dolly Parton, Laura Pausini), the most likely to be our BFF (Kelly Clarkson).  Two years ago I was brought on to manage the PR and communications for 4-time GRAMMY Winning legend Roberta Flack and when I first met her in person, to this day I still swear she actually floated over to me. Whenever she speaks she has something to say.  She is at one time legend, then pop culture expert, then curious observer and teacher of life...but always cool.  It's the kinda cool you can't impersonate or  pinpoint or emulate; but the coolness is so palpable and so innate that you hope you at least can glean some insight into what makes a really, sincerely cool person just that.

Ms. Flack has  a very ambitious project currently out (the first CD of new materials in 8 years) called "Let It Be: Roberta Flack Sings the Beatles."  The Album was released around the Super Bowl and right after the most watched TV event in the history of our lifetime and I'm thrilled to say this CD is the first Roberta Flack album to break into the Billboard 200 Charts in 20 years! Cool indeed.

The article below came out today and I think it does a beautiful job of explaining the legend, the spirit, and the accomplishments of one of the coolest souls in our world. I hope you can buy a copy of the album (available iTunes, Amazon, etc.).