January 21, 2012

Two's Company: Suzanne Somers and Joyce DeWitt Meet after 30 Years of Not Speaking

Suzanne Somers and her "Three's Company" co-star, Joyce DeWitt, recently reunited after a producer on Suzanne's web show asked Joyce to make an appearance - an idea the actress-turned-author initially resisted due to bad blood between the pair that had kept them from speaking for three decades.
"I was fired for [asking] to be paid what they paid the men and everybody turned on me," Suzanne told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Thursday's Access Hollywood Live, when asked why she initially resisted rekindling the ties with Joyce after their 30-year rift.

"[Joyce] didn't back you?" Billy asked.
"Yeah, it was a problem," Suzanne replied. "[Then] I thought, you know, everybody's gone from that show. John [Ritter] is dead, Norman [Fell] is dead, Audra [Lindley] is dead, the producers are all dead...

"It's just me and Joyce, and we shared a moment in time that will never be again," she added.
After giving the situation some thought, Suzanne decided to go ahead with the reunion with Joyce and said the meeting was incredibly moving.

"So she comes out and it was so emotional," Suzanne told Billy and Kit of Joyce's appearance on her web series, "Suzanne Somers Breaking Through." "Here I'm looking at someone who I spent such a moment in time with and I hadn't seen her for 30 years and she looks great - you should watch!"

Suzanne admitted the emotional reunion brought up painful memories from the past - especially the sudden loss of their former "Three's Company" cohort John Ritter, who died tragically in 2003 at the age of 54.
"Of course I cried. I mean, it was just like, what a waste," she said of the feelings that bubbled to the surface at the sight of Joyce. "And then it made me think of John and how awful it is that John is gone. I still can't believe John Ritter is gone."

In addition to mending relationship fences, Suzanne - whose latest book, "The Sexy Forever Recipe Bible" is available in stores now - said her health is also on the mend after a bout with breast cancer led to a disfiguring lumpectomy.
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