January 15, 2012

Be Differently's 300th Post Salutes Dr. Martin Luther King

We celebrate one of the greatest figures in this country's human rights ongoing movement with our 300th post!  A bit of trivia for you:  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's "I Have a Dream" Speech has been dubbed the best public speech ever given in history.  And guess what?  the words "I Have a Dream" were never a part of the speech that MLK originally written -- it wasn't even on paper as he started to give it.  Mahalia Jackson was in attendance at the speech and she yelled out, "Tell us about the Dream, Dr. King."  Then Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. began winging it...punctuating each of his sentences with "I have a dream!  I have a dream!"  The Recording Academy (GRAMMY Awards) actually preserved the audio recording of the speech in the National Library several years back so it always will be preserved the way he presented it.  After all, he was a preacher.  Not many could even imitate the delivery of such an inspired and important speech.  Amen!!