December 30, 2011


"IRRELEVANT."  "A COMEBACK."  For those who are quick to call Madonna irrelevant.  For those who are calling her upcoming album a comeback.  2011/2012: directed and co-wrote new movie, new single, new album, new 3-album deal worth more than $40 million (in addition to the $100 million contract signed 2 years ago with Live Nation), new lifestyle brand "Truth or Dare" launching with perfume as its first product debut, new world tour, a Golden Globe nomination, headlining the Super Bowl (the most watched TV event in the world), with the last album being the 7th one to debut at #1, the last tour being the most successful tour of any artist in history, 2nd year of a very successful clothing and lifestyle brand "Material Girl" with daughter, 9 best-selling children's books, the most albums sold worldwide by any female artist in history; 37 top 10 singles (the most of any artist in history), 40 (yes FORTY) #1 Dance Singles (the most #1s than any artist in history).

From my lips to God's ears...if only I could be that irrelevant and in need of a comeback...