November 21, 2011

Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em: I Cast the New Cast of "Steel Magnolias"

The Munsters just got the green light for a TV pilot – Charlie’s Angeles, Hawaii 5-0, and cineplexes get remade/redone  all the time Arthur, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory – I mean, are there ANY new ideas in Hollywood?  Apparently not so I decided I was going to attempt to recast some of the most beloved Movies of my generation (mid-30s-ish):


Original Cast                          Characters                             New Cast
Salli Field                                M’Lyn Eatenton                     Sandra Bullock
Julia Roberts                          Shelby                                      Rachel McAdams
Olympia Dukakis                   Clarie Belcher                      Jessica Lang/Cate Blanchett
Shirley McClane                    Ouiser Boudreaux               Kathy Bates
Dolly Parton                           Truvy Jones                           Melissa McCarthy
Dylan McDermott                  Jackosn Latcherie               James Marsden
Daryl Hannah                         Annelle Dupuy Desoto      Zoey Deschanel
Bill McCutcheon                    Owen Jenkins                        Bob Newhart            

What do you think?