August 23, 2011

"Ohhhhhh....myyyyyy....GOD! Ohhh, my....I can't feel my hands!"

That's right ladies and gents...I am Kristen Wiig doing the "Surprise Parties Make Her So Freakin' Excited" Character -- tomorrow's my first day of the Fall semester torturing students that have no idea what's about to hit them!!  Wish us all luck.  I've devised a simple but easy to understand "That Was Dumb, You're in Time-Out" Police State-centric Program for the Students Along with the Motivational Tagline "Oh, Failure is Soooo an Option Here...especially for You!"  With that and the pop quiz on topics even I don't know anything about which will be LOL'd as "But seriously, this is 70 percent of your overall grade."  i think I'm going to be makin' some pretty fast friends...

Professor Roecker