May 7, 2011

Talents of Singer Donna Delory Icing on the Cake as Song of the Soul Tour Played Los Angeles Last Night

Most famous for being, well, the most famous and longest termed back-up singer to Her Highness Madonna (along with Nikki Harris -- check out video for Vogue and you'll remember), Donna Delory made a surprise appearance last night at Tina Malia and GuruGanesha's tour stop in Los Angeles.  Delory and Malia rehearsed in between sets twice and then opened the second half of the show with an incredibly moving and magical duet on Malia's "Shores of Avalong" (the first song she ever wrote for her mom and which she dedicated to her for this Mother's Day).  You would have thought they had been singing it for years!  Donna is a special and talented soul!  The Band rocked the house while concertgoers stayed on their feet for most of the entire second set -- even screaming, "ENCORE, ENCORE, ENCORE", before the band had a chance to complete its first bow.  Blessings!!