April 20, 2011

Kevin Spacey Fighting to Keep Fat Lady Away from Schools

The 2nd Annual Latin GRAMMYs were scheduled to air live the night of September 11, 2001. We of course cancelled the show but it didn't prevent us from quickly rallying all of the international superstars that were here in L.A. and producing the very first fundraiser benefiting the New York Police and Fire Departments.  Kevin Spacey called us and asked if he could help in any wayl.  He ended up opening the show for us at the Beverly Hilton and as I sat next to Merv Griffin trying to dodge the slobbery seductions of (no, I'm talking about his dog) "Charlie Chan" Spacey started to sing and not only was his voice pretty good he had such a compassion and sorrow all mixed with hope as he sang.  I tell you this story because you realize he's the real deal when he's talking about Music & The Arts in our schools today.  He does an amazing job in presenting the facts of how and why Music Education benefits everyone.  Pay this forward if you agree ;)