March 14, 2011

Move Over "Avatar" There's a New Titanic Coming ... in 3D!

If any of you people have turned your backs on the Motion Picture Industry because you feel it hasn't quite been turning out creative or even, perhaps, watchable fare over the past several years (sidebar:  they can't even throw an interesting PARTY that is supposed to celebrate the creative achievements, am I right James Franco?!), then it is time for you to get was is due to you fareweathered, former movie goers.

It's been a live stageshow phenomena (I'm thinking "PeeWee's Playhouse on Broadway" could be the next).  It's been a direct-to-video dynamo (Beverly Hills Chihuahua II doesn't have the chops to beat it).  And it's been a soft shoe-in for hours of SNL skits over the years (Sarah Pallin, put on your taps shoes sister).  I know everyone knows that I can be quite sarcastic sometimes but believe you me when I say that I mean this totally and completely sincerely with every fiber of my arms and hands as they remain firmly pressed against their respective sides of my body with nothing else moving but my flittery feet:  I'm going to predict right here, right now in front of God and anyone else stuck in a small, confined place with me any time soon.  This could be the new Titanic of our time and it may or may not be coming to a theatre and/or Netflix near you very, freakishly soon...


'nuff.  said.