November 6, 2010

"Wilson Phillips Holiday CD is Way Better Than Mariah's" THERE I SAID IT

Here's what I would like to ask Ms. Mariah "Mama2B" Carey ... why? Why did you make your last two CDs..especially this so-called "Christmas II CD" -- a train wreck of a CD no matter what season especially when you're following up the biggest holiday CD in history (your own). Her "Merry Christmas" has everything a great, endearing, enduring holiday album needs -- great takes on traditional, well-known songs, and excellent original songs which now have become classics ("All I Want for Christmas (is you)" anyone?). This latest seems like she took B and C sides of songs that hadn't made her last few CDs and then changed some words around to include some reference to Santa or snow or presents -- or simply added jingling bells in the background. She includes an instrumental of the theme from A Charlie Brown Christmas then into "Christmas Time Is Here" why? why? why? She sings approximately 40 seconds of the 2 minute and 49 second song. Mariah Carey! Shame. And the hip-hop ho ho ho song about doing Santa (or something like that I couldn't hear anything with the digital beat box turned up to ULTRA BEAT BOXEE. WHY? And there is a "live" version of O Holy Night (version from her GOOD holiday CD) but, and tell me if I'm wrong, however, there seems to be an audience who is listening to something but the engineer of the CD didn't quite try to line up the audience responses to what Mariah was actually singing. Now, am I saying the "live" is about as live as Ashley Simpson on SNL?? Yes. All I have to say is that Wilson Phillips' new holiday CD is, I know, but it's sorta true...better. Please Susan Boyle help us please. I am anxious to hear Annie Lennox's holiday album which is out next week. I hope she realizes that Christmas time is supposed to have SOME joy in it -- i mean she can't write another "This is the Saddest Song I've Got (at Christmas Time)" could she?