October 7, 2010

Christina Ricci's Dog's Name is KAREN. I LOVE HER!!

This is why I've always thought she was cool...an excerpt from an interview with Broadway.com

Are you excited about living in New York while you’re on Broadway?

Yes, I have my little dog, Karen, with me and we’re trying to get into a routine. She’s half dachshund and half Chihuahua. She’s very cute and very friendly—she loves to walk up and down the street and say hello to everyone. I keep telling her, “Wait till winter! You’re not going to want to be outside anymore.”

I’ve never heard of a dog named Karen.

I looove Karen Carpenter. I listen to Karen Carpenter all the time, and I was just like, “She’s Karen.” [The dog] has brown hair and big watery eyes; she’s beautiful. I almost named her Natalie because Natalie Wood is my other favorite famous person.

Is it weird to Google your name and see pictures of yourself walking the dog or running errands with your boyfriend [photographer Curtis Buchanan]?
It’s a little weird, but my sister has imposed a “no comments” rule. I can look at the pictures if I really must, but I’m not allowed to read the evil comments that people write. If I get upset about something and I tell her, she will say, “Were you reading the comments?” So, that’s my advice to everyone: Don’t read the comments.