September 17, 2010

My New Fave CD Sara Bareilles' Kaleidescope Heart' Debuts at #1!!

If you want to hear one of the most well crafted albums in a very, very long time then go out and buy Sara Bareilles' new CD "Kaleidescope Heart" which just debuted at #1 on Billboard. Bareilles has a way of crafting some of the best pop hooks by writing clever lyrics and utilizing all of her musicianship to make each song stand on its own. I always have a 4-track rule now as far as giving a CD my personal thumbs up -- let's just say there are only 2 tracks that I don't absolutely love with lead single "King of Anything" (a kiss-off, i don't care about you ditty that appears to be bubblegum until you get into the heart of the song and realize how over it she really is), or how about "Say You're Sorry" which at first could be mistaken for a pouty little song until she says, "I don't want to stay either I just want you to say you're sorry for the mistakes you made and then leave, thanksomuch!" The opening track Uncharted has next single written all over it (and one of my fave faves). There are three of the most beautiful ballads you've heard in many a moon -- The Light, Hold My Heart, and Breathe Again. She has written all lyrics and music with co-writing support only on a couple of tracks. I've seen her live and she is the real deal, folks. Quit reading this and go out and buy it!