August 10, 2010


Gabi Gregg, who conquered the fashion world with her blog "Young, Fat, & Fabulous," is set to take on a whole new role: Twitter jockey on MTV.

The 23-year-old Detroit native won the music channel's first-ever Twitter jockey contest, called "Follow Me: The Search for the first MTV TJ," according to the Hollywood Reporter.

"My main goal is to really connect with the audience," she told MTV. "I don't want to be the same as the MTV Twitter; I want to keep it personable and keep in touch with the followers. I want to give them a voice."

Gregg won a $100,000 contract to be the face of MTV's social media brand by reporting on pop culture news using Twitter, Facebook, blogs and MTV's website.

After learning that she won, Gregg tweeted her first official post: "Ommmmmgggggg thAnk you to everyone."

Gregg's MTV TJ gig is the first real job she has had since she graduated from Mount Holyoke College, where she majored in international relations and African-American studies, two years ago.

When asked by MTV what her first order of business was, Gregg replied, "Paying off my student loans."

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