August 9, 2010

Mr Johnston Please Leave the Building

So I'm on the red carpet at Teen Choice yesterday before tonight's show was being taped "live." I met some really lovely people like Quinton Aaron who played the oversized football phenom don't-call-me-Big-Mike opposite Sandra Bullock in "The Blindside," as well as Victoria Justice who currently is queen of Nickelodeon.  Of course, my new BFFs are Twilight Eclipse's Booboo Stewart and his hilarious/gorgeous sister Fivel Stewart who I got to hang out with thanks to Invisalign Teen (we raised more than $50,000 so underserved kids can get dental work done that they can't afford otherwise!).  Cat Deeley from So You Think You Can Dance is just like you think she'd be -- only her dress was almost cute.  After the carpet had already "closed" of course the air became still and only the sounds of stars blazing through space could be heard as the three Kardashian Realshcebsters (Reality Show Celebrity Sisters) floated down the carpet with hair coiffed and junk neatly and tightly packed in the oversized trunk.  The tackiest of the D-listers (Kathy Griffin would have been sitting next to Meryl Streep at this show, btw) is actually an F-head, I mean, F-lister.  Levy Johnston.  He lead a pack of wannabe, hangers-on/prostitutes and simply was "way to busy, important and apparently fertile to stop and talk to anyone).  Levy, you're such a Johnston.