July 24, 2010

Madonna & Daughter Lourdes Launch "Material Girl" Clothing Line for Macy's

Gossip Girl star and self-proclaimed "bad girrrl" Taylor Momsen is set to become the spokesperson for the "Material Girl" line, designed by Madonna and Madonna's wonder-girl Lourdes. The eighties-inspired juniors' collection is set to hit Macy's in the U.S.A next month.
I'm surprised that Lourdes herself wasn't chosen to front the brand; after all, Madonna is the original Material Girl (as Macy's keeps reminding us) and Lourdes is the spitting image of her pop-icon mama. Taylor looks her usual surly, racoon-eyed self posing for the brand's first ad campaign in a stripy miniskirt, black fur gilet and some very Desperately Seeking Susan-esque biker boots.