April 2, 2010

Thank you, Ricky & Chas, and I'm Sorry!

I posted on my Facebook:  If Ricky Martin is gay then Chastity Bono is a man.  And I have to apologize to both of them.  I can't imagine the struggle each has had growing up in the spotlight and knowing what a taboo subject being gay has been and continues to be (shockingly) in the United States of America.  I think it all comes down to the fact that Americans love to focus on homosexuality or transgender issues (an even taboo-er subject, of course) because it makes those unintelligent squeaky wheels actually feel better about their own "deviant" sexuality.  There is such a forced yet clear differentiation between those with a penis and those with a vagina because there are so many people out there who aren't sure what to do with their own genitalia, let alone someone else's:  they have thoughts, they have fantasies but sex and sexuality are sin, sin, sin to we "liberal" Americans.  I just saw a commercial that was banned from the United States and it featured "Locomotion" and "Can't Get You Outta My Head" Aussie Sweatheart Kylie Minogue in a lingerie ad -- she stripped to panties, a bra, stockings and stilletos and road on mechanical bull quite suggestively.  At the end she gets done riding the bull and looks into the camera and says, "could all the men stand up? I didn't think so." It's sexy, it's funny and it's simply too much for American viewers to handle?  When you look at the number of sexual assaults, pedophiles and more in our country (and apparently the Catholic Church worldwide) and compare it to, say, a more sexually open country such as well anywhere in Europe -- why do we not see that there is a correlation -- more guilt, more sexual oppression and more of the other crap happens too!!  People have oppressed others for centuries because they're scared of what they see in themselves.  This is the same thing...i much prefer the term "gay" to "homosexual" for obvious reasons.  The kicker here is that the only real difference in sexual practice/fantasies/fetishes between someone who is heterosexual and someone who is gay is that one really knows and understands his/her partner's genitalia and the other tries for the rest of his/her life to figure out how the other one operates.  Don't we hate it when someone seems to effortlessly be utilizing more Aps on his/her iPhone than we've figured out how to use or has other effective tools to fix a frozen computer than simply trying to turn it off or on?  If we know someone else is having better, more intuitive and familiar sex than we are...FORGET IT!  It's so irritating.  So, if I'm uneducated or simply fearful then I'm going to make sure everyone thinks that other stuff is really bad so I feel better about really not knowing what I'm doing -- for the rest of my heterosexual life.   So Ricky, I give you props for never actually lying about your sexuality and for being comfortable enough now to realize you have a family and they must understand that there's nothing wrong with your "orientation."  As a matter of fact, it's probably simply too right. And Chas, although I don't understand I applaud you for making that type of decision right in the public eye.  If only straight people could stand up and announce that they want to be tied up or tickled with a feather just to get it out in the open just think how many of us just might be having even better sex ... less fear, less guilt and then maybe one day it will be ok for all of us to say, "Yes, Kylie, no matter what's happening with me I'm going to stand up because I'm not ashamed of my erection. I'm having the sex that I've only dreamed of now.  What?  Others and sex?  No time to worry about others when I'm so satisfied with how things are looking, well, up that I can only hope they're having the sex they dreamed of too!"  Maybe one day we'll look back at this time of sexual curiosity and judgment and wonder "with all we could have been doing, why did we make THAT so hard?"  Ron Roecker, April 2, 2010 (c)