March 30, 2010

"Somewhere Down the Road" Intimate, Soulful, Bluesy Grant at Her Best

I am very happy to say that Amy Grant is a friend of mine.  We've talked on the phone, we've eaten dinner together, even shared a bottle of wine and discussed how I quite possibly could be the younger brother she never had!  So to say that I am biased when talking about her new CD then so be it.  I was introduced to Amy Grant's music in 8th Grade when Becky Setzer and I sang a duet version of Grant's "Arms of Love." And I've been so enamoured by this woman's gift of writing great rockin', bluesey, pop tunes -- some introspective, some even a little racy and lots that make your toes tap.  If you're looking for Baby, Baby and "Every Heartbeat" you're going to be disappointed.  However, if you're looking for fantastic songwriting, great guitar playing and an alto voice that will melt your heart then "Somewhere Down the Road" is for you.  Let me be quite clear -- this is not a Contemporary Christian CD.  It's a pop/rock/blues CD that happens to have a couple tunes that mention God (I think only 2 actually do).  The others are incredibly well crafted, performed, arranged and intriguing songs that take you on a journey -- the journey of life that deals with the good times, the hard times and everything in between.  Lead single already is climbing crazy up the charts "Better than a Hallelujah" -- it's pretty great, folks.  My favorites are Hard Times, Overnight (a duet with Amy's oldest daughter Sarah who sounds exactly like Colby Callait on the single), Unafraid (you're gonna get choked up), Third World Woman (where Amy channels her coolest Melissa Etheridge), Find What You're Looking For, What Is The Chance of That, and a track that's near and dear to my heart ... a new recording of none other than "Arms of Love"!  And the final track is "Imagine" which was a giant contemporary Christian hit for another group (Amy released it on a CD of hymns but never released it as a single) is absolutely goosebump-creating!  I'm proud to be your friend, Ms. Grant, congratulations on making a really thoughtful, fantastic, smart album for us adults (well, you all...)