March 3, 2010



If you have seen "Julie and Julia" then you no doubt believe you know who will win the Oscar for Best Actress on March 7.  I watched it and was so swept away and caught up in the fact that I was watching Amy Adams playing “Julie” and Julia Child playing “Julia.”  Oh, that was Meryl Streep?  Excuse me why I fold my napkin and tell you this turn was delicious and Meryl ate up every cell of Julia and transformed voice, posture, body ticks of a woman way too tall for her time, cadence, mannerisms, walk and spunk.  And we didn’t even need a hint of sorbet to cleanse our palette and ease us into her rendition as perhaps we did with Angela Basett’s over the top turn as Tina Turner.   Julia Child was such a larger than life (almost literally at more than 6’ tall) almost caricature of a human being and yet – like her Devil Wears Prada little devil Miranda, Meryl Streep manages to make her so human that we feel like we know her inside and out and we just want to slather her in butter and fry her up in a non-stick pan (and, please, when Julia’s sister comes to visit who is played by my favorite, glee-fully bizatchy Jane Lynch you might as well put a fork in the audience because the euphoria of these performances leaves everyone feeling, well, baked. 
Anywho, I suppose the only Streep performance that could possibly blow me away any more than this turn as the greatest American TV chef would be her upcoming role as, perhaps, Lady GaGa. 
And this from a woman who is 62 years old and has had a string of $100 million PLUS movies just in the past five years (Devil, Mama Mia, It’s Complicated just to name a few, darlings). 
Let me put it in perspective as we go into March 7th and this year’s Oscars…as Meryl Streep has now been indelibly put into the history books with her record 16th Oscar nomination…more than any actor – male or female – in history.  And the second placers are relatively far behind…both Katharine Hepburn and Jack Nicholson have 12 Oscar Nominations.  As a matter of fact, Ms. Meryl also holds the record for the most Golden Globe Nominations (25) and the most Golden Globe wins (7) of any actor – male or female – in history.  Why then does she only have 2 Oscars (one for Best Supporting for Kramer vs. Kramer and one for Lead for Sophie’s Choice)?  I mean for goodness gravy Hilary Swank has two Oscars!!!
In my mind Meryl has legitimately been robbed twice out of all the nominations – in 1998 Meryl was nominated again for Lead Actress in “One True Thing” (a sappy mom’s-dying-movie that Meryl was astonishingly good in) but lost to that, oh, I can’t even remember her name….married to some rocker dude…has famous parents…oh Gwenith Paltrain, or Patrone or something like that.  I’m sorry…could the most uninspired vanilla person in the world seriously beat the greatest actress of our time??  Me thinketh noteth  (and if you want to check for yourself rent “One True Thing” and wait for the scene when she’s talking to her daughter as they sit on the bedroom floor and she says the line “no, more is more”…more Meryl is magic.).
Then in 2002 Meryl was again nominated for Best Supporting Actress for an amazing (of course) performance in “Adaptation,” a movie that had brainiacs foaming at the mouths and the other 90% of theater goers asking what the hell was so special about a flower?  However, and do not throw tomatoes at me (because, yes, I too loved the movie and cheered the genre’s return) but  CATHERINE. ZETA. JONES?  Um, could we have a realiTymobile check???  Yes she can sing and yes she kept her hair/wig short so you could see that it was her dancing and singing but even compare Rene Zellweger’s performance that straddles the line yet never goes too campy with Jones’ who struggles with an American accent and delivers lines such as “boozin’, havin’ a few laughs” as if she were in her high school talent contest (yes, I know, she’s a great singer and dancer…just sayin’!).
So, in my mind Meryl should be tied with Ms. Hepburn with four Oscars each.  If a body of work were ever to come in to play in the voting members’ minds – it would undoubtedly play a huge factor this year with Ms. Streep.  And even if it doesn’t, then the only woman besides Streep that the Academy members might actually honor would be Julia Child for her role in “Julie and Julia” playing Julia Child.  Meryl, you are the greatest American actor who ever lived and perhaps are the greatest actor in the world in all of history.  You make us very proud.  And I agree…it’s not enough this year just to be nominated. Kisses. R
Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress Predictions completed.  Tonight will be BEST ACTOR. Thursday will be BEST ACTRESS. And Friday will be both BEST DIRECTOR AND BEST FILM!!