March 1, 2010


So, here we are less than a week away from the 82nd Annual Academy Awards and I’m going to be covering who in the top six major categories: best supporting actor, best supporting actress, best actor, best actress, best director and best picture – I think should win and who the actual winner will be. So, if any of this helps in your office Oscar pool or filling out your ballots at your neighbor’s annual Oscar party I hope you’ll sit back and think of me…and share a portion of your winnings. Thank ya neighbor. And I digress.

Before I jump head-first into the Oscar pool I wanted to preface this all by addressing the biggest wild card for this year: with the Academy trying to get more mainstream to up its viewership and therefore it opened up the best picture category to a staggering 10 nominated flix, will there be an old school backlash by the voting members of trying to keep things as they always have been? Did they vote for the tried, the true, the legends or were they swept away by the trend to do things a little bit different?

It’s going to be telling in the best supporting actor category when the winner is announced Sunday night. Let’s talk about the people who don’t stand a snowball’s chance of getting that little gold guy Sunday: Matt Damon (when does this movie come out again?), Woody Harrelson (which is fine because he’ll be smoking his hemp suit the entire night and will never ever know) and Stanley Tucci who in my mind is one of the most underutilized character actors around – he’s one of those rare breeds that actually transforms into different characters instead of being the same start with a different haircut like so many. Tucci, we’ll see you back here real soon, ya hear?

So, how many of us saw Inglorious Bastards? How many of us who saw the movie kept waiting for all the funny parts they showed in the trailers only to find out that it was far more like Schindler’s List than it was Hogan’s Heroes? And, like Mr. Ledger as the psychotic man behind the, as lady gaga might have said once, Joker face, Christoph Waltz plays evil in this film with such finesse that you can almost see his patience running to a boil every time his passive aggressive shtick is pulled out to make whoever he is talking to or whoever was listening while still trying to hide from this monster so uncomfortable and scared that those emotions seep off the screen and go right for your soul. It’s chilling. It’s brilliant. He deserves the Oscar for best supporting actor hands down (and he’s won every award ever invented to be given). Now, here’s that little glitch. Christopher Plummer who plays Tolstoy in the little seen movie is such an iconic actor that it would seem more appropriate to give him the Oscar as this is his very first nomination…ever. This could be the upset, my darlings. However, slim t none: Christoph Waltz should get it., that inglorious bastard, indeed!! Christoph Waltz Will get the OSCAR.