March 7, 2010

If I had to be wrong...

...I am so glad for those who weren't picked but picked up an OSCAR tonight!!  WAY TO GO SANDRA (WHAT A SPEECH), WAY TO GO KATHRYN BIGELOW -- THE FIRST WOMAN EVER TO WIN AN OSCAR FOR BEST DIRECTOR (and how about BABS being the one to present it to her?  Like buttah!), and HURT LOCKER BEATING OUT AVATAR...every divorced woman in the world is grinning from ear to ear!!!  DESPITE WHO YOUR EX IS OR WHAT GENDER YOU ARE, KATHRYN, YOU DESERVE IT!!  and let me say that STEVE MARTIN and ALEC BALDWIN were better than perfect as co-hosts.  True talents with the perfect mix of script and improv.  and congrats my friend Leslie Unger who is in charge of al the media and communications for the Motion Picture Academy -- brilliant job...get some sleep.