March 4, 2010


Just realized this is 101...but no time to reflect, lovers...Mr. Oscar's comin' to dinner and guess who's comin' to dinner with him?  I had a real-life date last night and ironicaly or sadly it was to see "A Single Man" (what does that say about my dating jadedness?).  The movie was a beautiful first-effort from fashion hottie Tom Ford and Colin Firth was very good as the lead in it but there never was that magical Oscar scene where you see an actor transform a character right before your eyes.  that's not saying Firth isn't up to the task it just wasn't part of this movie for whatever reason.  the other nominees include Jeff Bridges (Crazy Heart), George Clooney (Up in the Air), Morgan Freeman (Invictus),
Jeremy Renner (The Hurt Locker).  this probably is the least interesting category of the night because faves such as Clooney and Freeman actually turned in performances that were, well, Clooney and Freeman.  Jeremy Renner has an incredibly bright future but has a huge battle ahead of him thanks to a swan-song performance -- and an Oscar-less career so far -- by Jeff Bridges.  and Oscar loves a "come back" performance ... Bridges' turn as a down-and-out-not-ever-sober fallen country singer is nothing short of achey breaky heartbreaking.  and the industry just loves this guy.  Need I say more?  as another country great once said, Mr. Bridges, welcome a belong...on the stage ...grasping your Oscar as you watch all who love you in the Kodak Theatre stand and applaude you. (John Denver didn't write that last part, btw.)