February 1, 2010


I have seen some of the coolest moments at the Grammy Awards but most of the truly truly special ones have all happened backstage without millions of people watching and critiquing. One of those moments happened tonight and that's when I was taking Ms. Roberta Flack through the media center after her terrific performance with Maxwell. She was getting interviewed by Entertainment Tonight whose spot is right next to the Official Grammy Photo Gallery (pics of winners and performers shot by my friend and fame/photog Danny Clinch.  Anywho, Roberta finished up her interview and in walks Lady GaGa with this silver ripped up body suit/lace thing a la Cher in "If I Could Turn Back Time" with all of these lightning bolts out branching out from her "hat."  Well, I know that Roberta really loves the Ga because they both are classically trained pianists (Roberta knew this I did not). Well I see Roberta's eyes light up and then heard this thunderous "ROBERTA FLACK.  OH, MY, ROBERTA FLACK I LOVE YOU."  And Lady GaGa became electric.  The two walked up to each other and hugged with such a mutual affection it couldn't have been planned. With compliments back and forth and Roberta telling the Ga that she "has it goin on" and the Ga telling Roberta that she "has the most amazing voice in the world" it just should have been very odd to watch.  However, it was magical.  Two musicians appreciating one another for their talents with which very few in this world are truly blessed.  They got their official photo taken together and it was a moment that all of us standing there knew we had to have sink in -- that we had to try and etch every detail indelibly in our minds because moments like that rarely happened.  It was once in a lifetime.  Ga, Roberta.  My love and adoration to you both.