January 11, 2010

So Glad to See My Friend Amy Grant on A Magazine Cover Again!

Check out the latest issue of Good Housekeeping Magazine with my friend Amy Grant and her looking-fab hubby Vince Gill.  Read the article and you will know why I love this woman.  Good to see you Augastalee!  Ooomwah!

(FYI:  I was talking with Amy at the Reception after she got her Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame a couple of years ago and suddenly I felt this tapping on my shoulder. I turned around...looked down...and there was Tom Cruise.  I was like, "Um, hello little Tom Cruise, are you lost?"  He said, "Can you introduce me to your friend Amy?"  I was like (in my head), "I hope someone is watching this."  I turned around and Amy looked at me like "Um, what?"  I said, "Amy Grant...little Tom Cruise...little Tom Cruise...Amy Grant."  And let me tell you ... he was waaay more excited to meet her...she wasn't 'I don't care about you little Tommy Cruise" but she treated him like she does anyone regardless of, dare I say, stature?  She was classy and the picture is an amazing memory for all.)