December 31, 2009

You Must Check Out Current Grammy-Nominee The Foreign Exchange, Get Free Download

I want you all to know why I believe so strongly in a group of musicians – spearheaded by two very talented singer/ songwriter /producer /human beings Nicolay and Phonte – these underdogs who write, produce, have created their own version of their “label”…book their own shows, promote their own stuff all by themselves…and they just got their first ever Grammy Award nomination – no major label, no huge radio play, no merchandising deal or international tour…they got it because they are talented! I dig their music. I hope you check them out and help me spread the word by becoming a Facebook fan and Tweeting them and MySpacing them and whatever you can do. For a free download of their Grammy-nominated song, hit For more info: Ride the wave because you’re going to be hearing an awful lot about The Foreign Exchange. Happy New Year!

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