November 17, 2009

PR Pros Shouldn't Be Part of the Marketing Mix...

....they should be leading it!!

Vocus ( this week announced the results of a survey of more than 1,800 marketing and PR professionals, and among the key findings — and in light of a changing media landscape — 80 percent say social media will be a key focus in 2010. Though social media has been a primary catalyst for change in the PR industry, respondents see PR's role in the overall marketing mix becoming increasingly more important.
Despite the view that PR's role is becoming increasingly important, PR professionals may feel they are being asked to do more with less. Social media for example is naturally a key focus for 2010; however, this only adds to the duties the PR professional already undertakes on a day-to-day basis. To help manage, PR professionals report turning to process innovation and investments in technology as top solutions for balancing an increased workload.
The survey also explored budgets and found reason for cautious optimism. Forty-two percent of PR professionals report that they expect budgets to be flat in 2010, however nearly one-third also report budgets will increase. Of those, 24 percent reported expectations for slight increases, while another five percent said budgets will increase significantly.
Other key findings from the survey include:
  • Trying times. 64 percent of respondents either agreed or strongly agreed that PR planning will be more difficult in 2010.
  • Cautious optimism. 42 percent indicated PR budgets will remain flat in 2010, though one-third also said they anticipated their budget increasing slightly (24 percent) or significantly (5 percent).
  • Innovate and invest in technology. 63 percent are planning to refine processes in 2010 while 51 percent will invest in new technology in order to do more with less.
  • Social media to be a key focus in 2010. 80 percent of respondents say they will focus on social media in 2010; multimedia is not far behind with 63 percent, while measuring results, SEO and viral campaigns trail with 58, 57 and 56 percent respectively.
  • PR increasingly important to marketing. 64 percent believe that PR will become increasingly important in the overall marketing mix in 2010.
"One of the most compelling findings from this survey are the indications and perceptions of how the lines are blurring between PR, advertising and interactive marketing functions," said Deirdre Breakenridge, the president of PFS Marketwyse, who also contributed to the survey design and analysis. "PR people are a new hybrid of professionals who understand the value of incorporating viral marketing, relationship marketing, social marketing and Web analytics into their roles and responsibilities."
The survey queried U.S.-based PR professionals about their perceptions of PR planning for 2010. The survey was conducted from October 21 to November 12, 2009.

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Frank Strong said...

Thanks for the post -- I like your take on PR in the lead!

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