November 16, 2009

Literally a Work in Progress for Years (Now checked off my "bucket list"): "I'm Dreaming Tonight" Coming Soon!

Recording my own CD has always been at the top of my Wish/Bucket List and this one truly has been a work in progress.  I was able to record this album thanks to Mark Poncher and Steve Dierkens (so if it's not so joyous blame them!).  I had no intention of "releasing" the CD (as you'll see it's pretty personal and not exactly Britney-slick) but it's been a really hard year for most and  if we can raise even a little bit of money to do some good then it's worth the potential humiliation!!

Some of my best memories in my entire life are of us all standing around my Grandma Mohney's baby grand piano and squeezing as many people as we could on the piano bench on Christmas Eve as my family and I just let the musical journey take us wherever we were supposed to go. It was such a cool thing and Grandma "Evy" was the pillar of that tradition (she was the first soul mate I ever knew I had). I truly knew it was a gift that could not be thrown in the same heap as the others eventually were.  I really need to remember that time, that feeling, that moment more often. And we're going to do some good -- you and I!  Proceeds from this are being divided among some favorite charities of mine:  Special Olympics, City of Hope, and the Leeza Gibbons Memory Foundation.  So for  $20, you do some good, you get a free CD and the world's a happier, more toe-tappin' place!   Thank you, everyone.  May 2010 bring you laughter and insight.  I hope I am a part of both.  Love, Me

Purchasing process will be up shortly...

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