September 20, 2009

Grey Gardens, 30 Rock, Pushing Daisies Big Winners

Interesting that one of the biggest winners of the Emmy Awards tonight is a show that's been cancelled. Hmmmm...however, kudos to Kristin Chenoweth who adds an Emmy to her ever-growing awards mantle. Also, if you haven't seen Grey Gardens with Jessica Lang and Drew Barrymore you are fired. Go buy it today and just sit and watch and be amazed by the transformations both actresses make -- Drew proves she really can act and Jessica Lang reminds us why she's still around (and she should be around more and more with tonight's fantastic win!). Cheers to everyone although I'm bummed Christina Applegate didn't win for her cancelled show "Samantha Who?" Can you believe a show that was actually really good and had pretty decent ratings was cancelled because the actors wouldn't all take pay cuts...(that's what the network asked them all to do...they said no and the network moved them into a crappy new timeslot so they would have no other choice but to "cancel the show due to 'ratings.'" Also another Broadway veteran got her due tonight with the amazing Cherry Jones winning for her role in '24.' If you've seen the movie "Doubt" and you've seen Cherry Jones' work on "24" just picture her fierceness and intensity in the Meryl Streep role 15 feet away from you. It was MESMERIZING! For a complete list of winners visit

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